2022 NFL Mock Draft Simulator: Denver Broncos

Welcome back to our ongoing series where we take over all 32 NFL teams and run our 2022 NFL Mock Draft Simulator and draft this year's class! In this video, we will be taking a look at the Denver Broncos. George Paton recently traded for Russell Wilson, and we will be leading the charge from here and building a championship contender with the draft capital we have at our disposal.

Breaking down our roster, there is a lot to like.
OLine: Solid
RB: Solid
QB: Now very good
Receivers: Underrated
DLine: Not Bad
Linebackers: Again not too bad
Secondary: Big Potential
Coaching: Excited about the future

We have the pieces in place. I know last year our record wasn't great, but we landed the big fish this past off-season. We got the piece we were missing. And with all the moves being made in the AFC West, our work is not done. My goal going into this 2022 NFL Mock Draft was to field the best possible class without having to move around all that much. Our first pick going into the draft was 64, so there was a chance we could find someone key there, but do we stay put? That's the question.

I think I am cursed. It happened with the Lions video. Now the Seahawks. See for yourself, all the way through. Let's hear a grade on the draft class. Let me know in the comments what you think. Be sure to like the video, share it with friends and family, subscribe if you haven't already and ring that bell so you don't miss any uploads coming from Vendetta Sports Media!

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