Family and faith play a big role in Cooper Kupp's life

All week long we’ve been bringing you stories from Cooper Kupp’s Super Bowl journey and the commitment he’s made to football since he was a kid.

Football isn’t his highest priority in life– it’s his family and his faith.

It doesn’t take long to realize Cooper Kupp is different. Every Kupp you meet along the way is the exact same way.

His sister Katrina says she doesn’t see him as a superstar like a lot of other people do. To her, he more.

“Honestly I just see him as my role model,” Katrina said.

The Kupp family has a strong bond that’s all built on a simple concept: just loving each other. His parents Karen and Craig said they enjoy being around each other.

“I knew my parents loved me growing up and not every kid gets to have that, so I was very lucky to have the parents that I have. And, what an incredible job they did of raising me,” Cooper said.

It’s a loving lifestyle that’s being passed down through the generations.

“Seeing my dad and mom, my grandma and grandpa, how much they care about the people around them and take care of the people around them is very inspiring so just very grateful for the example they set my entire life,” Cooper said.

His sister Katrina said their family did a good job setting their foundation of being honest and open with each other.

Now that Cooper is a father it’s easy to see the same love shared with his wife and two sons.


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