Michelin MX Nationals Powered by Milwaukee: Round 1 - Fat Cat Moto Parc

Michelin MX Nationals British Motocross powered by Milwaukee returns for the 2022 season LIVE
With a continued streaming partnership with MXN-TV; Alpha Live will bring you LIVE racing from every round of the MX Nationals UK 2022 Season.
Live Stream Racing dates for your diary:

Round 1: Fat Cat Moto Parc, Doncaster - Sunday 20th March 2022
Round 2: Landrake Moto Parc, Saltash - Sunday 1st May 2022
Round 3: Lyng, Norfolk - Sunday 29th May 2022
Straight Rhythm Annual Moto: Cusses Gorse: Saturday 26th June 2022
Round 4: Cusses Gorse, Salisbury - Sunday 27th June 2022
Round 5: Venue TBA - Sunday 7th August 2022
Round 6: Hawkstone Park - Sunday 4th August 2022
Returning to the mic for this year's season is Dirthub's Jeff Perrett and Callum Swan guiding you through all of the racing from 6 Rounds spread across some of the best MX tracks in the United Kingdom.
Open 85cc Championship - Big Wheel / Small Wheel Classes
MXY2 / MXY1 Championship
British Clubman MX2 / MX1
British Amateur MX2 / MX1
British Expert Championship MX1 / MX2
Fastest 40 Pro MX1 / MX2
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To find out how to more and how to race with MXNationals visit: https://www.mxnationals.co.uk/
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