FRESH 49ers News: Deebo Samuel, Trent Williams & Ambry Thomas Injuries | Rams LIMITING Ticket Sales?

San Francisco 49ers news is hot following 49ers vs. Packers highlights in the NFL playoffs, which sets up an NFC West rivalry game matchup in the NFC Championship game. 49ers vs. Rams kicks off on Sunday at SoFi Stadium for the right to make it into the NFC Championship game and all week, we’re going to be passing along the latest 49ers news and 49ers rumors with 49ers Report host Chase Senior. We have a 49ers injury report update on the latest Trent Williams injury news, Deebo Samuel injury news and Ambry Thomas injury news. We’re also talking about how the Los Angeles Rams are frightened about The Faithful taking over SoFi for the NFC Championship game and limiting ticket sales to those only in the Los Angeles area.

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San Francisco 49ers news today includes a full breakdown of the 49ers injury report. Trent Williams has a sprained ankle and will be monitored throughout the week. His status for 49ers vs. Rams is unknown. Deebo Samuel took a helmet to the knee and is expected to return to practice on Wednesday in the leadup to 49ers vs. Rams. Ambry Thomas is doing much better coming off the bone bruise in his knee. He won the game in NFL week 18 during 49ers vs. Rams highlights. He’d be a big addition to the 49ers secondary. 49ers vs. Rams tickets are still available for the taking. Upper bowl tickets are going in the $700 range and the franchise is limiting ticket sales.

Kelly Stafford on 49ers fans taking over SoFi Stadium:
“I’m not going to lie. I have never seen so many of the opposing teams fans at a game. We came from Detroit and there were a lot of good traveling teams there, but that was wild. Matthew was on a silent count. Jimmy Garoppolo was not, who’s the opposing quarterback. It was crazy. I’ve never seen anything like that.”

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49ers vs. Rams 6:30p ET / 5:15p PT
Saturday, January 30th at SoFi Stadium
Rams Favorite (-3.5) Over / Under: 47

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