Pittsburgh Steelers Should Say NO to Aaron Rodgers / Should Mike Tomlin Still Call Defensive Plays

The Pittsburgh Steelers do need a quarterback, but do they need Aaron Rodgers? An expensive free agent would take up salary cap and draft picks in a time Mike Tomlin and Kevin Colbert need to rebuild the rest of the roster. But when Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes are lighting up the NFL, do the Steelers need to do anything they can to reload at quarterback very soon?

Meanwhile, recently retired defensive coordinator Keith Butler aired out his takes on the Steelers defense about how Tomlin's been calling the plays since the later days of Dick LeBeau. Should Tomlin still be calling the plays? And will that limit who the Steelers can hire at defensive coordinator?

Pittsburgh Steelers Should Say NO to Aaron Rodgers / Should Mike Tomlin Still Call Defensive Plays https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7JorgD8nGLtvvMy1ogFetg


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