Tennessee Titans Practice Report, Titans Executives Leaving & Offense's Main Flaw | Locked On Titans

The Tennessee Titans have a bye for the first round of the playoffs, so it is time to sit back and recap the action of the past week. Starting Titans practice on Wednesday. Who was in? Who was out? What was the philosophy for a bye week practice? Next, two Titans executives are being interviewed, will they move on and how big of impact will it make. Also, the Titans made some roster moves this week and brought back a familiar face. Tyler will discuss who it is and why it was a good thing. The Titans made free agents signings during the playoffs? Tyler explains who they are and why it is happening. Finally, a Rowland's Rant on Todd Downing's biggest flaw on offense.

Tennessee Titans Practice Report, Titans Executives Leaving & Offense's Main Flaw


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