MAJOR 49ers News: Jimmy G Injury News & TRADE Rumors + 49ers OFF COVID List | Emmanuel Moseley BACK

We have some MAJOR 49ers news to get to on this beautiful Friday heading into NFL week 18 for 49ers vs. Rams. Kyle Shanahan provided us with a Jimmy Garoppolo injury update on KNBR radio on Friday morning. Could both Jimmy Garoppolo AND Trey Lance play vs. the Rams? The 49ers are in the thick of the NFC playoff picture and a win gets them into the NFL playoffs. We also have some new Jimmy Garoppolo trade rumors. According to Colin Cowherd, there are several NFL teams that could look to make a Jimmy Garoppolo trade during the 2022 NFL offseason, given the 2022 NFL Draft Quarterback Prospects being weaker this year as compared to previous years.

We also have some really important things to hit on on the 49ers injury report and the 49ers COVID list, plus Emmanuel Moseley is set to return coming off injured reserved. According to John Lynch, Jimmie Ward, K’Wuan Williams, Ambry Thomas, Dontae Johnson, Deommodore Lenoir are all expected to come off the NFL COVID-19 list. That gives the 49ers some really big enforcements in the secondary going up against Sean McVay’s offense led by Matthew Stafford, Cooper Kupp, Odell Beckham Jr and the crew. 49ers Report host Chase Senior brings you the latest 49ers rumors, 49ers news today and 49ers injury news on today’s show!

Kyle Shanahan with a Jimmy Garoppolo injury update:
“I have an idea of how he feels going into a game. Jimmy, he's going to want to play in the game regardless just like he did last week. But he's not just going to lie to me. You can tell when he's hoping something is going to feel right and when he truly believes it is.”

Jimmy Garoppolo injury news from the man himself:
Jimmy Garoppolo on Injury
“It f****** hurts. I don't know how else to describe it. It feels like the web in your hand is tearing. That's probably the best way I can describe it. But it's all good.”

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Colin Cowherd on Jimmy Garoppolo Trade Rumors:
“I know nobody likes him because he’s the world’s most handsomest man next to Denzel Washington, but Jimmy Garoppolo is 30-14 with a Super Bowl trip. We’re all talking about these college guys. Jimmy, he’s a little injury prone. But there’s a lot of teams out there right now that need quarterbacks. Three executives have told me this in the last month. None of these [college] quarterbacks are top 10 material. NONE of them.”

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