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In my recent video about Isaiah Thomas’ possible move to the Golden State Warriors, I talked about how awesome it is to see veteran players making another run, especially with your favorite team. While IT might be one of the best players for the Warriors at the time, it is still worth looking at the promising veteran free-agent market. Every year, every season, there is a great demand for a quality bigman, and at the time, there are not really that many players without a team who fit into this category. However, one player still deserves such a status.
Today, we will talk about the possibility of the Golden State Warriors acquiring the former Lakers veteran, Marc Gasol. Also, I would really like to hear your opinion as I’m very curious about what you, my dear subscribers, NBA fans, and just passing-by viewers think about the Dubs' future. Now grab some snacks, get yourself comfortable and enjoy this video. But before that, smash that like button, subscribe to the channel if you haven't done so already, and hit that notification bell to get updates on our latest NBA content.
Let’s keep rolling.
To say the least, Marc Gasol's relationship with the Los Angeles Lakers has been one of the year's odder tales.
Last offseason, Gasol signed a two-year contract with the purple and gold team and took over the starting center position over Anthony Davis. The Lakers believed Gasol's pick-and-pop skill and ability to spread the floor would allow Davis more freedom to play in the paint. Despite a sluggish start with the team, the former Defensive Player of the Year developed a groove with his new club, finally completing the year with a solid 40% 3-point percentage.

At the moment, there is nothing to be sure about at the moment and analytics around the league actually think that Marc Gasol would be an outstanding asset for the Warriors team. Would he? Let’s see!
He’d be the much-needed bigman for the Dubs. There is no doubt about it, the Warriors’ roster is very well rounded. Experience, skill, mixed with a highly professional coaching staff and a front office that actually cares about their players. We have tremendous shooting with Stephen Curry, Jordan Poole, Klay Thompson, and others. We have solid defense with the defensive anchor Draymond Green, a versatile match-up nightmare in Andrew Wiggins, and James Wiseman at the rim. However, the Golden team lacks a pure, consistent center. Sure, we have the aforementioned Wiseman, but the young man is still inexperienced enough to fully take over the center role, as at the moment he is only starting to learn the fundamentals of the bigman's role. Kevon Looney, on the other hand, has size, experience, and is a solid center, although he has proven to be injury prone after he suffered numerous hip injuries throughout his career. While Draymond is capable of filling out the center position, he still lacks the scoring component in his game, thus leaving the Golden State Warriors without a wide choice of bigmen. That’s where Marc Gasol comes into play. Marc is a seasoned bigman who understands. Last year, many NBA fans were concerned with Marc’s lack of speed. However, that’s not what the Warriors need him to do.
Marc Gasol is also a defensive anchor in the post. There is no need to hide the truth; Marc Gasol is at the metaphorical sunset of his career, although he is still one of the best options for the Warriors as his most essential skills are not related to his athleticism, let alone agility. Marc Gasol’s secret weapon is his high basketball IQ.
Marc Gasol would take the pressure off the other Warriors’ bigs.

The Warriors may now give Gasol the $5.9 million-dollar MLE. Despite the fact that Gasol is certainly capable of being a good player.
As I've mentioned before, Gasol is a savvy defender, and he can provide consistency in the frontcourt for the Dubs.
Even better, he can serve as a mentor to James Wiseman. This is one area where having Gasol would be really beneficial in terms of future development.

And what is your opinion? Do you think that Marc Gasol is a great fit for the Golden State Warriors? Do you think that the Dubs should give Marc a chance and acquire him as their 15th player? Do you think that Marc Gasol still got it?

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