University of Kentucky Beats the Florida Gators at Home- First time since 1986 (5-0)

If you didn't get to see the game, watch this to see what all the excitement is about from the view of the UK Dance Team. If you did see it, then watch this to RELIVE all the awesome parts from field level!! If you're wondering why the coach, Dawn Walters is so excited, it's because I was a UK Cheerleader in 1986 and was on the field cheering on my football friends when we beat the Gators. So, it was incredible to be on the field again and live the excitement through my dance team. See Waka Flocka with the UKDT and watch how hype our fans and FB players get when GROVE STREET is played . IT'S A PARTY!!! UK 20 Florida13! Enjoy! GO CATS!!!