Mo Salah Proves Pep Guardiola Wrong - Liverpool vs Manchester City - All Mo Salah Goals

Mo Salah goal against Manchester City was amazing as usual. Liverpool vs Manchester City always a nice game to watch and even better when Mo Salah scores against Man City! in season 2017/18 Pep Guardiola sent a message to Mo Salah "Try to avoid being compared to the other guy (Messi) please.".

And as usual Mo Salah Proves His Haters Wrong "I Know Guardiola not hater" He scored against Man city season 17/18 - season 19/20 and season 20/21.

Hopefully that Mo Salah scores against Manchester City today, as everyone started to say about Mo Salah season 20/21 "He is the best in the world, even better than Messi and Ronaldo!"

We will see today.
This short part from the first long motivational documentary about Mo Salah, Mo Salah The ONE , hope you enjoy it.