San Francisco 49ers Rumors: Trade For Deshaun Watson? + More Trey Lance? 49ers Cornerback Trade?

49ers news and rumors are all over the board. With the NFL week 4 matchup of 49ers vs. Seahawks quickly approaching, the 49ers find themselves needing to make some NFL free agency moves and trades before the NFL trade deadline. Do the 49ers need a #1 cornerback to compete in the NFC West? With Jimmy Garoppolo struggling early in games, should the 49ers play Trey Lance or trade for Deshaun Watson? Where do the 49ers need to improve in order to win the NFC West matchup of 49ers vs. Seahawks. Chase Senior of 49ers Today will break down all these questions and a whole lot more in today’s rumors mailbag video!

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49ers injuries are a curse and it returned with the 2021 NFL season. With plenty of talented DB’s available in free agency, can we expect the Niners to make a move to improve defensively? Can the 49ers sweep the Rams again in conference play? What are the risks of the current quarterback situation? Watch today’s rumors mailbag to find out!

Answer these questions from Chase from today’s video, comment below!
- Grade the 49ers’ secondary: A, B, C, D or F
- Would you trade for Deshaun Watson? Type “Y’ for yes, ‘N’ for No
- Who ya got? Type‘SEA’ for Seattle or Type ‘SF’ for San Francisco

49ers rumors questions from today’s mailbag:
- Where do the 49ers need to improve in order to beat Seattle?
- Do you think we should go and look for a #1 corner so we can compete in the NFC West?
- Do you expect the 49ers to make a trade for a DB?
- Is there any possible way that the 49ers can make a trade for Stephon Gilmore?
- Do we see more Trey Lance against the Seahawks?
- Do you think the 49ers will sweep the rams the way they have the past few seasons?
- Would you trade for Deshaun Watson?
- Will the 49ers secondary struggle against Russell Wilson and his receiving core?
- Is there a CB you’d like to see the 49ers trade for?
- Can the locker room be divided due to the current QB situation?

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