Two legendary tens of Barcelona, ​​a wizard and an alien, mentor and pupil - Ronaldinho and Messi! Seems unrealistic to count how many times these two made many children fall in love with football with their performances.
Today we will try to find out which of these outstanding players was the coolest at their best conditions.

The path to the height. Ronaldinho

When comparing Ronaldinho and Messi, we must focus on the times at which they began their journey at the club. When Ronnie landed at the Camp Nou in 2003, Barcelona didn’t have a taste of trophies for 4 years. Now Barça fans can’t even imagine these times, but it was a harsh reality back then.

Actually, 2003 was the year of the first spell of Joan Laporta to the post of president of the club, and Ronaldinho became the fulfillment of his campaign promise to sign a world star. From that moment on, the ascent of that Barcelona squad, which would later become an unstoppable force for many years, actually began.

In fact, Ronaldinho arrived during the restructional period and was able to get the first trophy only in his second season with the club: in the 2004/2005 campaign, the blaugranas won the Spanish national league. However, we are to choose his very peak, the next season of 2005/06, taken as an example of prime Ronaldinho.

Firstly, it was the best time in Brazilian's career in terms of result-oriented actions. Secondly, in 2005, he was the one who won the Ballon d’Or. And thirdly, this season, Barça won the Champions League. But we’ll talk about all this later.

The path to the height. Messi

For Leo, things were a little different. Although he made his debut the following season after Ronaldinho, from his position, the path to trophies was shorter. Indeed, during the first campaign, he succeeded in winning La Liga, in the next one - he managed to get the Champions League Cup. Alright, in these seasons he was still a reservist, a guy who shows promising results and is attracted to games for the first team. He hasn’t yet become the key to the club's success.

For the next couple of years, he was already a player of the main roster, but the real breakthrough came in 2008/09. Yes, this is exactly the period when Pep Guardiola managed the team, kicked Ronaldinho out and made Messi the main star of the club. From that moment, Leo's entire career has been one solid sparkle. After all, his game and performances became something beyond understanding.

Although we will have our eyes on the 2011/12 season. It was not only Guardiola's last year at the helm of the club, but a phenomenal run for Messi, even by his alien standards. Why? More on that later.

Prime Ronaldinho

So, the 2005/06 season. The one in which Ronaldinho shone like never before in his career. Perhaps the best highlight of that season was El Clásico on November 19th. Barça slammed Real Madrid 3-0 at the Bernabeu, while Gaucho scored 2 outstanding individual goals in the second half. For his fabulous efforts, Real Madrid fans awarded him a standing ovation. These shots have become legendary for a long time. Getting this kind of recognition from the supporters of your rival is worth a lot.

As for statistics, it was also his greatest season. Actually, it became the only period in Brazilian’s career, where the amount of useful actions exceeded the amount of appearances. On his account there were 26 goals and 24 assists in 45 games in all competitions. But the Ballon d'Or and the Champions League victory only underlined the phenomenal success.

Besides, most fans love Ronaldinho not for goals or trophies, but for the legacy he left in the history of football. There is probably no child in the world who wouldn’t try to repeat what Gaucho did on the pitch. Elastico, famous volley kicks over opponents, and acrobatic stunts. All these moves are prescribed in the history books and will always be associated with Ronnie.

Prime Messi

From that very moment until today, that is, 13 full seasons, Leo Messi has more useful actions than appearances in each. Yes, you’ve heard right. For 13 seasons in a row, the Argentinian has more than 1 goal contribution point per match. What Ronaldinho was able to achieve only once, Leo has been doing for 13 years and it seems he is not going to stop. And, of course, each of these 13 runs was more productive for the Argentinean than the same 2005/06 for Ronaldinho.

However, we have already announced that we will take the 2011/12 campaign for the peak season. It hasn't been successful for Barça in terms of trophies, but that doesn't matter. Just take a look at Messi's stats: 73 goals and 34 assists in 60 appearances in all competitions. Back in the days Leo has netted or assisted 107 times in total. This result, by the way, surely doubles Ronaldinho's best.

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