Ejection 080 - Tim Timmons Ejects Joe Girardi After Foreign Substance Dispute with Max Scherzer

HP Umpire Tim Timmons ejected Phillies manager Joe Girardi after he exited the dugout to yell at Nats pitcher Max Scherzer after an unsuccessful illegal substance search. Report: https://www.closecallsports.com/2021/06/mlb-ejection-080-tim-timmons-1-joe.html

Girardi first requested umpires inspect Max Scherzer for prohibited substances in the bottom of the 4th inning. Because of MLB's new-for-June 2021 foreign substance inspection policy, umpires had already checked Scherzer twice to that point in the game. Crew Chief Alfonso Marquez checked Scherzer once more in the wake of Girardi's request, and ultimately did not find anything illegal.

An inning later, after a strikeout to end the bottom of the 5th, Scherzer walked off the mound to Washington's dugout while silently staring in the direction of Philadelphia's dugout. In response, Girardi exited the Phillies' dugout and began yelling at Scherzer, effectively challenging him to fight or incite some other incident, resulting in Timmons' ejection of Girardi for unsportsmanlike conduct.