Denver Broncos Rumors Mailbag: Noah Fant Breakout Season? Playoff Contenders With Aaron Rodgers?

Denver Broncos rumors are still moving with NFL Training Camp just weeks away. Is this going to be the breakout season for Tight End Noah Fant? Could the Denver Broncos be true playoff contenders if they land 2020 NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers? Would you rather have Minkah Fitzpatrick or Justin Simmons? Chat Sports host Tom Downey answers those questions and more in today’s Broncos rumors mailbag.

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NFL questions answered in today’s mailbag:
- Minkah Fitzpatrick or Justin Simmons?
- Broncos playoff contenders with Aaron Rodgers?
- Noah Fant breakout year?
- Rank Allen Robinson, Keenan Allen and Mike Evans
- Most underrated NFL player right now?
- Best secondary in the NFL?
- Surprise team this year?
- Best safety in the NFL?
- Top 5 NFL stadiums?
- NFL coaches on the hot seat?
- Most underrated and overrated player in NFL?
- Top 3 DT’s to start the season?

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- Better safety? Minkah Fitzpatrick or Justin Simmons?

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