Damian Lillard Trade Latest: Knicks, 76ers, Heat ‘Most Aggressive’, Latest Odds & Mock Trades

The rumors of a Damian Lillard trade have kick-started the 2021 NBA offseason even before the NBA finals concluded. But Lillard addressed the speculation last week during an Olympics press conference saying that he has not requested a trade from the Portland Trail Blazers.

That hasn’t stopped the NBA trade rumors from flowing with Kevin O’Connor from The Ringer with the Damian Lillard trade rumors, saying that NBA executives don’t expect a Dame trade to happen, but the Miami Heat, New York Knicks, Houston Rockets, and Philadelphia 76ers are being the ‘most aggressive’.

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With the NBA Draft next week, the Knicks and Rockets would be in the best position to pull off a trade within the next week. The Rockets have the #2 overall pick, as well as Portland’s pick at #23 and Milwaukee’s pick at #24. The Knicks’ draft capital isn’t as enticing for next week’s draft at #19 & #21, but they have the ability to absorb and plenty of future picks to package.

Here are the latest odds if Dame is traded:
KNICKS: +160
76ERS: +225
HEAT: +700
LAKERS: +750

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