John Metchie III and Phil Mathis talk upcoming Alabama football season | SEC News

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0:10 Opening Statement
0:24 Jameson Williams
0:34 Secondary and Defense
1:00 Bill O’ Brien
1:36 Bryce Young & NIL
2:08 Spring Offense
3:03 Freshman WRs
3:36 WR Room Turnover
4:25 Canadian Players
4:53 Kristian Story
5:32 New Assistant Coaches
6:14 Seeing Family
6:51 Social Media
7:36 LSU Game
8:11 Bryce Young’s Potential
8:25 Savion Smith
8:56 Texas A&M Game
9:41 Family Cont.
10:09 Miami Game
10:49 Covid 19 Vaccines
11:32 Alabama Football sustained success
12:09 Holmon Wiggins

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