Patrick Peterson signed with the Vikings to rejuvenate his career I All Things Covered Archive

*This episode originally aired in March.

After a decade in the desert, Patrick Peterson will have a new football home in 2021. P2 explains his decision to sign with the Vikings. What was enticing about the situation in Minnesota? What can the team accomplish this season? Pat breaks down his new team!

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ABOUT THE SHOW: Patrick Peterson and Bryant McFadden have made a living for their coverage skills on the football field, and while it's a different technique, they're now applying those traits on their new podcast 'All Things Covered'. Instead of wide receivers, tight ends and running backs, they'll be covering sports, entertainment, social issues, personal interests and more. Every Tuesday, the 8-time Pro Bowler Peterson and 2-time Super Bowl champion McFadden will discuss what's happening on the gridiron as well as what intrigues them off the field. Each week they'll welcome a star from the sports and entertainment world to have wide-ranging conversations about what interests them. Guests can include active or former football players but also athletes and influencers from other sports and walks of life. Football is how we know our hosts, but far from what defines Pat and BMac. The name says everything; expect all things to be covered!