Houston Rockets Rebuild and Outlook #HoustonRockets #NBADraft #JalenGreen #EvanMobley

"Coaches Corners" Coach Lewis @jlewis0789 and Coach Coleman @Da_Boys22 break down the current makeup of the Houston Rockets and try to support them to try and make them a playoff team in the future. The #2 overall pick has a lot to do with this. We talk about current salaries who they should target in the 2021 NBA Draft with picks #2, #22, #23/Free Agency and the current roster construction.

0:00 Intro Houston Rockets Outlook
02:45 Ownership, Coaching and Salary
07:00 Rockets Lineup
13:13 John Wall Qs
21:40 Jalen Green or Evan Mobley
29:40 Draft Picks 22 and 23 Ayo Dosunmu
35:38 Free Agency
43:00 Outro


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