"Mjhy Chara Khila Do" 🥺 | Bakray Ki Baatein | Bakra Aur Insaan EP 02 | Bakra Eid 2021

Bakra Eid Special Video 2021: Bakray Ki Baatein | Bakra Aur Insaan EP 02 | Bataain Karnay wala Bakra | Mjhy Chara Khila Do | Bakray Ki Maalik se Shikayat | Qurbani 2021 | Bakra Video | Bakra Eid 2021 in Pakistan - Kids Madani Channel

On the occasion of Eid ul Adha 2021, Kids Madani Channel has released Public Service Message for Kids "Bakra aur Insaan" , Like and Share this beautiful Kids Bakra Eid 2021 Story.

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