Dynasty Decisions - 2021 Dynasty Fantasy Football

Dynasty Decisions - 2021 Dynasty Fantasy Football

Dynasty Decisions is back for the tenth episode and we got so much interaction this week that we had to split it into two sections. Anybody who DM'd Danny will likely be on this episode.

Time Stamps:
Intro: 0:00
DanielV’s Team: 1:39
Alejandro’s Team: 6:57
SpicyHot’s Team: 11:39
Gingerale’s Team: 17:31
OG Juice’s Team: 22:04
KyroPhantom’s Team: 29:06
Corey Vann’s Team: 34:25
JHeit’s Team: 37:54
Wedward’s Team: 42:04
Alex Rivero’s Trade: 43:59

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