Philadelphia Eagles Trade Rumors On Julio Jones & Brandon Brooks + Jalen Hurts Confidence Meter

Philadelphia Eagles trade news and rumors begin with the latest on the Julio Jones situation. Reports from are saying that the Eagles are “Sniffing around” a possible Jones trade. With Philadelhpia having three first-round picks in 2021, could the Eagles be the team with the most to offer for Jones? Experts are suggesting that a possible Jones trade is expected this week. Eagles Now host Thomas Mott breaks it all down on today’s Eagles news and rumors video.

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Eagle news following the Eagles first week of OTA are HOT with multiple players raving about how great of a leader QB Jalen Hurts already is. Hurts took to the practice field with the rest of the Eagles’ team over the past week and showcased his leadership and talent for all to see. Players like Greg Ward and Javon Hargrave seemed impressed. Will the rest of the national media begin to respect and take notice of what the Eagles are building?

Eagles trade rumors were crazy the past few months with reports suggesting the Eagles were looking to move star RG Brandon Brooks. Brooks acknowledged these trade rumors during a press conference this past week. The starting RG did not seem phased and understood the business side of football. Brooks also emphasized that he is ready to be back on the field and expects to be a top guard in the league once again.

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