Seahawks Rumors Today: Jamal Adams Extension? Trade For Zach Ertz? Bring Back Bruce Irvin?

Seattle Seahawks rumors are swirling with Seahawks OTAs and underway and mandatory minicamp just around the corner. Today’s Seahawks rumors focus on a Jamal Adams contract extension, Zach Ertz trade rumors and should Seattle re-sign Bruce Irvin? Will the Seahawks make Adams the highest paid safety in the NFL? Seattle Seahawks Today host Tom Downey takes a deep dive into the latest Seahawks rumors in this video!

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Seattle Seahawks Rumors Today:
- Jamal Adams Contract Extension?
- Zach Ertz Trade Rumors
- Re-sign Bruce Irvin?

Jamal Adams contract extension talks continue to buzz with NFL rumors suggesting that talks could hit a snag. Adams’ salary for the 2021 NFL season is fully guaranteed so it may be tough for Adams and his agent to reach market rate numbers for full guarantees. Adams’ will want to be paid in the ballpark of safeties like Justin Simmons ($32.1MM), Landon Collins ($31MM) and Tryann Mathieu ($26.8MM).

Zach Ertz trade rumors are heating back up with the 2021 NFL season set to kickoff in just a few months. NFL rumors have linked Seattle as a top Zack Ertz trade destination. The Seahawks have a hole at tight end and an Ertz trade could solve that. Trading for Ertz would show Russell Wilson that the Seahawks brass is committed to him and doing everything they can to surround him with weapons to win. What would the Seahawks have to give up to make a Zach Ertz trade work?

Could the Seahawks be looking to re-sign Bruce Irvin? NFL rumors say that if Irvin is able to pass his physical after tearing his ACL last year he would want to return to Seattle. Irvin wants to get back on the field as a Seahawk and wants to be able to end his career on his own terms by walking off the field and not being carted off due to injury. Should the Seahawks re-sign Bruce Irvin?

This Seahawks rumors video featured questions asked by Tom Downey, answer them below:
- What would you give Jamal Adams per year?
- Name a player you want to trade for!
- Bring back Irvin? Type ‘Y’ for Yes and Type ‘N’ for No

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