Falcons Julio Jones Trade LATEST: Titans The Front Runner For Jones? + Kyle Pitts Expectations

A Falcons Julio Jones trade could happen ANYTIME THIS WEEK according to the latest NFL rumors. Falcon fans have been waiting on pins and needles to see where Jones will end up. A new report from Peter King suggests the Titans are the leaders in the club house and could be offering a 2nd for Jones very soon. Who else could make a run for Julio? Host Thomas Mott breaks it all down on today’s Falcons Today video.

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Full list of topics discussed on today’s show
Titans offering a 2nd for Jones? Julio Jones Trade Rumors
Kyle Pitts must step up in Julio’s absence.

Falcons trade rumors surrounding Julio Jones will have a major impact on the offense in 2021. Rookie TE Kyle Pitts, who already has high expectations entering the season, will be looked upon to create plays even more now. With Pitts being the only redzone target left on the roster, will HC Arthur Smith scheme up plays specifically designed for Pitts come the start of the season?

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Answer these questions from today’s show:
Would you take a 2nd for Julio Jones?
Will the Falcons have a top 15 offense in 2021 without Julio?

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