Bears Rumors Mailbag: Julio Jones Trade For Allen Robinson? Jordan Love Replacing Aaron Rodgers?

Chicago Bears rumors are heating up with training camp on the horizon. Should the Bears consider an Allen Robinson for Julio Jones trade? What is the potential of an Aaron Rodgers trade and where will he end up + Do fans trust Ryan Pace to get an extension for Allen Robinson? Free Agency rumors continue to pile on and Bears Now host Harrison Graham answers all of those questions and more in today’s Bears rumors mailbag!

Bears Mailbag Questions:
- Who will win the NFC North?
- How much will Justin Fields' contract be worth?
- Where will Aaron Roders be traded?
- Thoughts on the Bears defense?
- Bears trade for Julio Jones?
- If Justin Fields starts week 1 what would the Bears record be?
- Will Allen Robinson attend OTAs?
- Bears free agency targets in free agency after June 1st?
- Who is the Packers starting QB if they trade Aaron Rodgers?
- Trust Ryan Pace to sign Allen Robinson long term?
- Chances Bears extend Allen Robinson?
- Bears trade for Julio Jones?

The NFL Offseason is far from over and 2021 NFL Free Agency is heating up for the Chicago Bears. What is the status of Allen Robinson, his extension and if he is going to attend OTAs? What would the Bears record be if Justin Fields starts from week 1 + how much will Fields’ contract look like? Harrison Graham goes in depth on all of these topics and more in today’s video.

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