The AZ Cardinals defense FEASTED in their 3rd down pressure package – Kurt Warner breaks it down

In this episode of StudyBall, we are moving on to the Arizona Cardinals Defense. As with all of these videos, sometimes I look at the basic overall structure of a defense, how to attack it, etc. Other times, I look at something specific that these teams do that makes them really good or really hard to beat, in this case from an offensive perspective. That is what we are going to look at today: what made the Cardinals so good defensively last year was their 3rd down pressure package. Their ability to give you some different looks, sometimes bringing all out pressure, other times giving you that all-out pressure look, but then coming out of it. Having to be able to decipher that as a quarterback, knowing where your outs are, knowing where your quick throws are to be able to beat either one of those defenses becomes really key against the Arizona Cardinals. Otherwise, just stay out of 3rd Down and everything slows down a little bit with this team.

They’ve got a lot of versatile players that allow them to do a lot of different things and that “pressure package” gave a good number of teams problems last year. It is NOT an easy look to attack offensively. You have to have a great plan and know what you’re seeing. Making things trickier still, every game they tend to pepper in little nuances…you’ve got to figure out what those are and get to a place where you're positioned to beat that offensively. If you don’t, as you saw in the tape, bad things are going to happen. You saw negative play after negative play because they force you to have to think. They force you to step one direction, and then they come at you or attack you in a different direction. Really well done and I love what Arizona does in that 3rd down pressure package and that’s what is going to determine how they fair defensively. Do they win more of those battles, or do the offenses get a bead on that and find a way to answer it this season? Time will tell, but one thing is for sure, how those cards fall will be a big factor in determining how far the Arizona Cardinals can go this year.