Chicago Bears Rumors: Andy Dalton vs. Justin Fields? Anthony Miller Trade? Khyiris Tonga Role? | Q&A

Chicago Bears Rumors come your way on today’s mailbag as the hot debate of Andy Dalton vs. Justin Fields continues. ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler reported on Monday that Fields could earn the starting job if he outperforms Dalton in training camp and in the preseason. Who will be the Bears’ starting QB in Week 1? Bears Now host Harrison Graham answers all of your questions on today’s Q&A.

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Anthony Miller trade rumors have circulated throughout the NFL Offseason and fans want to know if he has a place on the Chicago Bears’ roster or not. Could a Miller trade still happen? What will Khyiris Tonga’s role be? Will he make the Bears’ 53-man roster? Julio Jones rumors are still buzzing out there as well. Would you rather have Allen Robinson or Julio?

Chicago Bears Rumors & News Mailbag Questions:
- Will the Bears win the NFC North?
- How will Justin Fields score his first TD?
- Bears use a 2 tight end system?
- Should Andy Dalton start the entire 2021 NFL season if the Bears are in 1st place?
- Trade Allen Robinson if the Bears trade for Julio Jones?
- Do the Bears need more players on defense?
- Who will have better stats this year Andy Dalton or Justin Fields?
- Trade Nick Foles and Anthony Miller to save cap space?
- Have the Bears signed any of their rookies?
- What Bears defensive player have the biggest season
- Thoughts on the Bears tight ends?
- Khyiris Tonga role?
- Bears trade for Julio Jones?

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