Philadelphia Eagles Mailbag: Jalen Hurts Expectations For 2021 NFL Season + Eagles Trade Rumors

Philadelphia Eagles Rumors Mailbag takes a look at the expectations for Jalen Hurts in year #2. How many wins and how much success fans can expect from the new QB in town. Plus, could the Eagles still have another trade up their sleeve? Julio Jones is reportedly being shopped by Atlanta, could the Eagles pull the trigger on a trade for the star WR? Thomas Mott goes through all of your questions on the latest Eagles rumors in this Eagles Now mailbag!

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Eagle fans are wondering if a WR like Trevon Grimes has a shot to take the jump ball WR position in the starting lineup. Grimes is a massive UDFA WR from UF and seems to already be a fan favorite. Also, how much production can Eagles fans expect from DE Ryan Kerrigan? Kerrigan was signed as a FA out of Washington this past week and is expected to contribute right away in rushing the passer.

Eagles Rumors Questions From Today’s Eagles Mailbag:
- Ryan Kerrigan expectations
- How good can Jalen Hurts be in 2021?
- Trevon Grimes making the roster?
- Eagles making another big trade?
- Expectations for Josiah Scott?
- Jalen Hurts the next Donavan McNabb?

Answer these Eagles rumors mailbag questions in the comments!
- How many sacks will Ryan Kerrigan have in 2021?
- How many TDs will Jalen Hurts have in 2021?

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