Sky's the limit as Kyler Murray improves – Arizona Cardinals offensive film study with Kurt Warner

In this episode of Study Ball we are moving on to the Arizona Cardinals, as we work through the NFC West. We know that this Cardinals team is very talented. They have a lot of pieces and made a lot of moves in the offseason with some veteran guys that play at a high level. This team has a very good chance to compete, as long as their young quarterback continues to make great strides from year to year. Kyler Murray, we know, is as talented as any quarterback in the National Football League. Now he just needs to put the mental piece together.

You can see why everyone is so excited here in Arizona as they continue to build the team around Kyler Murray. So many good things from year one to year two, recognition of different things. We all know about his athleticism and what he can bring to the table…running the football and that big right arm. But, if he can start to see things and process things a little bit quicker, the sky is the limit for this young man, especially within this offense and the pieces they have. Kyler Murray won’t just be in the MVP conversation for half the year, he will be in the MVP conversation at the end of the year if he can do those kinds of things.

Those are all the good things I saw from last year. We are going to come back with another session on the Cardinals offense and show some of the things on which they need to improve. #NFL #KylerMurray #AZCardinals