NHL Live | NHL PLAYOFFS LIVE - Colorado Avalanche vs St Louis Blues Game 1 Live Game Coverage

NHL Live | NHL PLAYOFFS LIVE - The Colorado Avalanche versus the St Louis Blues click off tonight in the NHL West Division! - NHL West Standings

The NHL playoffs kicked off on Saturday with the Boston Bruins and Washington Capitals, where the Capitals were able to seal an overtime W and take the lead in the series. In the NHL East Division, there has been plenty of competition going into the playoffs and we expect this series to be no different. With regard to the NHL East standings, the Washington Capitals ended the regular season in second - while the Boston Bruins ended in third. These two teams have been the bud of NHL East news for weeks, and we hope that they continue to bring us plenty to talk about!

Elsewhere, the Pittsburgh Penguins and New York Islanders have completed game 1, also going to overtime. The Vegas Golden Knights and Minnesota Wild, as well as the Florida Panthers and Tampa Bay Lightning, also kicked off their NHL playoffs series on Sunday. Although the NHL West Division and NHL Central Division have begun their playoffs, the NHL North Division playoffs will not begin until later this week.

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