Congratulations for Chelsea! | Man City v Chelsea | Pep Guardiola press conference

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00:00 Intro
00:30 I am fortunate alongside many people to have in my career. To arrive one time to try and win it is great, it doesn't mean you have to win it every season. Most of the time you aren't there in your career. I don't ask anything else from my career, and I'm sure I won't ask anything more. Just work, try to arrive in the last stages. This year we made a good tournament, we try to play a good final. I never thought I'd live what we live with all these people as a manager. What could I ask more? I wouldn't do it.

2:00 Team selection decided?
Can players change your mind?
They are ready. I know how good they are. I won't change for one or two training sessions. I know most of them for many years. I have an idea but still the starting XI is not done. Not yet.

2:45 I never thought this was the season to get to this final. I never approach this competition at the beginning like this. We are a similar team to when we go out. Margins are a little details. It hasn't changed much. Now we're quite satisfied to get to the final. If you don't have a huge desire to win it and know what you have to do, it won't be possible to win.

4:00 Chelsea drop in form?
Congratulations for Chelsea. Different competitions, congratulations, new game. We'll see what happens.

4:30 Relationship with Tuchel
At Bayern Munich a meeting was organised, we talked football, football, football. About this, that, our feelings, loves, good players, bad players. Football with interesting people, I learned a lot with good food and good wine. Good memories. Since then I grow up, we have a good relationship, I respect him. He knows, I know, we want to win.

6:10 Foden - how far has he come? We cannot expect one player 17 years old will be the same player at 20. If he was the same player he wouldn't have played the minutes this season. He's grown up, he's ready, he's playing good this season, we'll see he has the chance to play the final.

7:00 Chelsea create problems for all the teams, difficult to stop them. Their set up, wide in the sides and depth. They are so close the distances between players. They play really good in the pockets, in behind. Create problems for all teams not us. Congratulations the two games they beat us, another competition, another final. We will see what happens.

Pep Guardiola begins the mind games ahead of the Champions League final, with the Manchester City boss reacting to Chelsea’s recent dip in form.

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