Julio Jones Trade Rumors: Falcons WR Tells Shannon Sharpe “I’m Out Of There” On FS1’s Undisputed

Atlanta Falcons trade rumors are HOT today after Julio Jones told Shannon Sharpe that he’s “out of there” Monday on FS1’s Undisputed. Julio Jones trade rumors have swirled for a while, and after recent reports and Jones posing in Dallas Cowboys gear this weekend, it appears all but done. Where will Atlanta deal their star receiver? Atlanta Falcons Today Host Thomas Mott breaks down the latest Falcons news and rumors and takes a look at the Falcons’ 2021 outlook on today’s video.

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Julio Jones trade rumors aside, it’s been fairly quite in terms of Atlanta Falcons news and rumors. Peter King released his latest NFL rankings, where he ranked every single team in the NFL from 1-32. King placed the Falcons at #22 overall and said he thinks the Falcons will be fun to watch this year. Host Thomas Mott thinks the defense will be the real issue in Atlanta, not the offense.

Full List of Falcons News & Rumors:
- Julio Jones: “I’m out of (Atlanta)”
- Julio Jones wants to play with Cam Newton?
- Peter Kings ranks the Falcons #22 in the NFL

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- Who has lost a bigger step? Matt Ryan (R) or Julio Jones (J)
- Did the Falcons do enough on defense this offseason? Y for Yes, N for No

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