Seahawks Rumors Q&A on Richard Sherman, K.J. Wright, Russell Wilson, Steven Nelson & Tre Flowers

Seattle Seahawks rumors are swarming around the potential of the Seahawks signing Richard Sherman, K.J. Wright or Steven Nelson. The Seahawks defense is looking to improve before the 2021 NFL Season. We also discuss the impact of Russell Wilson’s careers and whether or not it is enough to make the NFL Hall of Fame. Chat Sports host Tom Downey answers your questions in today’s Seahawks mailbag!

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These questions were asked in today’s Seahawks rumors mailbag:
- Should the Seahawks sign another center?
- Will Seahawks sign Richard Sherman or K.J. Wright?
- Should Seahawks trade Tre Flowers?
- Should Seattle sign Steven Nelson?
- Is Alton Smith going to play for Seattle this year?
- Are Russell Wilson, Aaron Donald, Juilo Jones and Harrison Smith all Hall of Famers?
- Will the Seahawks make the playoffs this year?
- Most Overrated/Underrated NFL team?
- Which NFL coach will get fired?
- Has NFL roster sizes increased?
- Top 5 UDFA’s?

Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson and Deshaun Wilson are all talented quarterbacks that any NFL team could benefit from. But who would you keep, trade and cut? We debate these NFL quarterbacks in today’s episode of Seattle Seahawks rumors mailbag.

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Answer the following questions in the comments section:
- Does Seattle need another center? Type ‘Y’ for Yes or ‘N’ for No
- Who signs first? Type ‘KW’ for K.J. Wright or Type ‘RS’ for Richard Sherman
- Keep, Trade or Cut - Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers and Deshaun Watson

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