Aaron Donald could be the best interior pass-rusher the NFL has ever seen | Kurt Warner Film Study

In this episode of StudyBall we’ve got a little bonus Rams coverage. We can't take a look at the Rams D without talking about number 99, arguably the best football player in the National Football League, Aaron Donald. We’ll cover not just Aaron Donald, but what the Rams try to do defensively to get him in one-on-one situations. When you’ve got a superstar interior defensive lineman, every team's going to double him, every team's going to put two guys on him and force the issue there…force other guys to have to step up and make plays. So, the Rams have tried to counter that with some different looks up front, to get Aaron Donald in one-on-one pass-rush, winning situations….and today, that's what we're going to talk about, just a few of the things the Rams defense does to make sure that 99 gets his opportunity to get after the quarterback.

I’m sorry interior offensive linemen, I don't know what to tell you what to do when you get into situations like what we see on this tape. We’ve got the best player in football…the best interior pass-rusher maybe the league has ever seen. The Rams consistently try to find ways to make sure they get him in one-on-one situations so they can unlock and accentuate his value. After watching what the Rams are doing, you're starting to see other teams do this with their guys now…how are they creating opportunities for Aaron Donald, let's create opportunities for our interior guys by doing the same thing. It’s really just almost impossible to stop when you give him that much space, so he gets in a wide spot, you give him that much space to go in and out, or you give him that much momentum, and it's going to be a long day for any offensive line, and specifically any quarterback, if you're living in those type of situations. Again, a lot of those situations come when it's a pure passing situation, so they can overload one side, not worried about you running back the other side. So offense is key, always try to stay out of third-and-long situations…that frees you up to open up your playbook and even run in those situations to make the Rams play little bit more conventional.