Julio Jones Trade: Top NFL Teams That Can Land The Falcons Star WR

Julio Jones trade rumors continue to circulate amid reports that the Atlanta Falcons will listen to trade offers for the superstar WR. Will the Falcons trade the WR? And if so, who are the top NFL teams that could trade for Jones? NFL Daily host Tom Downey breaks down the top Julio Jones trade destinations today.

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Atlanta Falcons rumors are focused heavily on a Julio Jones trade right now. Will the Falcons actually move the start WR? And what exactly is his trade value? We’ve got some Julio Jones trade packages in this video for some of the potential Julio Jones landing spots.

Here are NFL Daily host Tom Downey’s top Julio Jones destinations:
- New England Patriots
- Tennessee Titans
- Las Vegas Raiders
- Indianapolis Colts
- Detroit Lions
- Los Angeles Chargers
- Green Bay Packers
- San Francisco 49ers

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