PSG vs RNG - Day 4 LoL MSI 2021 Rumble Stage | PSG Talon vs Royal Never Give Up full game

MSI 2021 RNG vs PSG 2021 Lol eSports Mid-Season Invitational Round 1 - PSG Talon vs Royal Never Give Up. MSI 2021 RNG vs PSG VOD.
2021 MSI full playlist:
League of Legends Season 11 Mid-Season Invitational in Iceland.
First game of the day - PSG Talon vs Royal Never Give Up vs best of 1. PSG vs RNG.

PSG Talon Line-up:
Top - Hanabi Jayce
Jungle - River Rumble
Mid - Maple Zoe
ADC - Doggo Xayah
Support - Kaiwing Leona

Royal Never Give Up Line-up:
Xiaohu - Top Lee Sin
Wei - Jungle Lillia
Cryin - Mid Twisted Fate
Gala - ADC Kaisa
Ming - Support Nautilus

Patch: 11.9 - Season 11
Game date: 16.05.2021 | 05/16/2021 | May 16th 2021
Game place: Reykjavík, Iceland
Casters: Vedius and Medic

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