Stafford will be a difference maker – L.A. Rams offensive film study with Kurt Warner

In this episode of Study Ball, we’re continuing our team-by-team breakdown, staying in the NFC West with one of my former teams, the Los Angeles Rams. Nobody does a better job with the naked bootleg and the play action game than Sean McVay. So, that’s where everything with the Rams’ offense is going to start and that’s what defenses are going to have to counter if they’re going to have success against this offense.

They give a bunch of different appearances to the defenses, off of the play action and the movement. But they make everything look the same…they make their run game look like their play action game, which looks like their naked game. So, you have no idea what they’re going to offensively and it leads to easy big plays over and over again.

Really good stuff by the Rams and Shawn McVay, and that’s why they’ve been one of the best offenses in the league since he took over in LA. But it all starts with the run game…you’ve got to be able to run the football. A couple years ago and they weren’t able to run the football the offense struggled a lot more. When they’ve been able to run the ball, this stuff here is where they make their money. It’s all the play action…it’s all the naked game…it’s creating easy opportunities for the quarterback and making everything look the same for the defense. You might look at their pass offense and say to yourself OK they don’t do a whole bunch of different things…and they don’t…because they major in what we just saw in this tape. But they do it really, really well and they do with a lot of different movements and formations, so everything comes off of the same base offense…that’s what makes it really tough to stop. So they got all that. Where they’ve struggled is when teams have forced them to get away from that, and now they’ve got to play drop-back football. Scheme isn’t necessarily designed to be great in that fashion…Jared Goff wasn’t necessarily great in that fashion…so I’m excited to see what the Rams will be this year now that they’ve got a guy in Matthew Stafford that can live in that drop-back game and can make big plays in that drop-back game. Check out our earlier episodes on what Stafford brings to the table with the Rams. I’m excited to see where this offense can go with him at the helm, because the scheme is really strong when they’re able to play within the scheme. Now, when teams take that away, they’ve got a difference maker at the quarterback position…which I think is going to make the Rams really fun to watch this year!