#30 Can Burrow be Contained?! l Madden 21 Coach Carousel Franchise [Dolphins]

It's Year 3 and we have a new season leased to us along to make the playoffs as well as a storyline with Baker Mayfield joining the team based on the condition that we make the playoffs and make a competitive run to the superbowl. We have made some big changes as well by continuing to build the Offensive line, pass rush with the signing of Von Miller, and beginning to revamp the secondary.

Welcome to our Coach Carousel franchise where we will be starting with the dolphins with the hopes that we can stay long term and survive the hot seat. We do have coach firing on for ourselves so if we do fail to perform, we could find ourselves in charge of a new team in the future. We have our work cut out for us as we will use the C4's real world 2021 draft class and then go with future seasons with madden generated draft classes.

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