NEYMAR is coming back to BARCELONA and HERE's WHY! 7 reasons why this transfer is POSSIBLE!

NEYMAR is coming back to BARCELONA and HERE's WHY! 7 reasons why this transfer is POSSIBLE!


Yes! You surely expected to see this for a number 1 reason! We can’t go far from the persona of Lionel Messi, if we are speaking about the future of Neymar! In December 2020, after the match against Manchester United, the Brazilian announced his desire to play with Messi.

“I really want to play with Messi again. I want to enjoy playing with him on the same team. I am sure that, next season,we have to do it, ”the world media quoted Neymar as saying.

Interestingly enough, at that time, the term “one team” referred to PSG more because of Messi's desire to leave the Camp Nou in the offseason period, but now the situation has changed significantly - Laporta, whom the Argentine surely trusts, is back, Barça is back on winning track, winning the Spanish Cup final - the Catalans are still fighting for La Liga gold medals too.

According to the latest information from the Catalan media, Messi feels himself comfortable in Barcelona again and is ready to sign a new contract.

If those December words of Neymar are not an empty phrase, then in order to reunite with a friend, he will have to force his departure from PSG in the upcoming summer, as he already successfully did something similar in the summer of 2019 ...

... and Paris may well put its tenth number on the transfer market, because the current agreement of the Brazilian expires in the summer of 2022. Letting Neymar go for free is an impermissible luxury!

2. Barcelona will have money to sign Neymar

When it comes to the potential return of Neymar, all skeptics immediately ask the question: “Where will Barça get the money for one of the most expensive and highest paid footballers on the planet?” ...

... and indeed the fans of Barcelona had nothing to answer - the financial situation at the club had no good prospects with more than 1 billion euros of debt.

But the light in the dark has finally appeared in the shape of Joan Laporta’s magic! The President has already managed to agree on a debt deferral and found a sponsorship in the amount of 500 million euros! According to the Catalan media, this amount of money is vital to keep Messi and sign Neymar!

Moreover, he has already promised the captain and team leader the SIGNING OF A SUPERSTAR - until recently Erling Haaland was a priority, but his transfer next summer is unlikely - Dortmund wants at least 150 million euros for the Norwegian; in the summer of 2022, the striker will be available for 75 million euros - this amount of compensation is spelled out in his contract. Therefore, Laporta logically summed up the following - it is better to sign Haaland in a year’s time. However, now they need a TOP PLAYER who can immediately bolster up the team and SEND A MESSAGE TO MESSI - Barca and Neymar will be able to fight for victory in the Champions League! Do you have doubts? Then look how great Neymar played against Bayern!

3. Barça has players, in which PSG is interested

If in the case of Borussia it will be difficult for Barcelona to include players in the Neymar deal in order to reduce the cost of the Brazilian, then in the case of PSG everything goes much simpler. Barça and PSG have long had a rather tense relationship, because clubs often try to weaken each other. At one time, Barça tried to poach Thiago Silva, Verratti and Di Maria out of Paris, while PSG tried their best at Neymar's transfer.

Let's imagine a situation when Neymar refuses to sign a new contract and the leadership of Paris Saint-Germain will be forced to sell the disgraced Brazilian to Barcelona. Under Laporta, Barça won’t overspend much money and will definitely include several players in Neymar’s transfer. According to this scheme, such a deal almost took place in the summer of 2019. Barça was offered to buy Ney for 150 million euros + Rakitic, Dembele and Todibo in addition back then. Barca managed to offer only 130 millions ...

We are sure that this time it will be exactly the same. According to the world's media, Paris is interested in the following Barça players - Emerson [whose contract is owned by both Barcelona and Betis], Ousmane Dembele and Antoine Griezmann. Perhaps the Parisians will again be interested in Jean-Claire Todibo, who successfully performs for Nice on loan.

Let’s put it all together. The formula is simple - money + a couple of players. We are betting on 80 million euros + Ousmane Dembele, Emerson and Todibo. What kind of a swap deal would you arrange if you were the club president? Write your versions in the comments below!

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