Dolphins UDFA Tracker: Here Are All The UDFAs The Miami Dolphins Signed After The 2021 NFL Draft

The 2021 NFL Draft is over, but the Miami Dolphins didn’t stop adding 4 players after 7 rounds. The Dolphins signed numerous undrafted free agents (UDFA’s) this year hoping to find a few players that can make an impact on the roster. While it won’t be easy for these UDFA’s, Brian Flores & Chris Grier wanted to sign players that they felt wanted to compete. Mitchell Renz host of today’s Dolphins Today video put together a Dolphins UDFA tracker so you can see the players Miami has signed so far. Today’s show is presented by Manscaped! Head on over to and use code DOLPHINS to save 20% off!

Dolphins UDFA Signings are headlined by Robert Jones, Jerome Johnson, Carl Tucker, and Jaytlin Askew. The Dolphins had 84 players on the roster after the draft which means they have room for 7 more players (1 extra for International Pathway exemption) before cuts.

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For those of you that don’t know: UDFA stands for Undrafted Free Agent.

Dolphins UDFA Tracker 2021:
Robert Jones, OT, Middle Tennessee State
Jerome Johnson, DT, Indiana
Carl Tucker, TE/FB, Alabama
Jaytlin Askew, CB, Georgia Tech

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