Santana Moss recalls drinking Hennessy to deal with pain prior to game vs. Cowboys

The South Florida flavor continues on All Things Covered as we welcome our second Miami Hurricane in as many weeks. Santana Moss not only dominated on the college stage at 'The U' but brought that playmaking ability to the league for a successful 14-year NFL career. He joins co-hosts Patrick Peterson and Bryant McFadden to discuss his path and shares some tremendous stories along the way. Santana grew up in Miami, but his allegiances weren't solely to the hometown Hurricanes during his youth. He explains why he adored the Seminoles all the way until they failed to offer him coming out of high school (1:30). The guys then explore Moss' time at 'The U', how his freshmen class was able to restore glory to the program, what it was like seeing them win a national title the year after he left and if the refs had something against the school. Is that 2001 squad the best college team ever? We jump to the pros as Santana offers his reaction to being a 1st-round selection alongside college teammate Reggie Wayne (17:45), Daniel Snyder's desire to bring him to Washington and the perception of undersized wide receivers. Our guest balled out in 2005 once arriving in DC and tells us what led to that breakout campaign (31:00). Santana has been open before about drinking Hennessy pregame, but the legend goes to another level when discussing a matchup vs. the Cowboys in 2007 (37:15). Sean Taylor was the heartbeat for both Miami and WFT, as Moss details the profound impact his passing had on so many people (47:30). Superlatives focus on the Mount Rushmore of Miami Hurricanes and most underappreciated WR in the game (55:15).

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0:00 Intro
1:35 Miami Hurricanes
17:45 NFL Draft memories
31:00 Time with Washington
37:15 Hennessy Game vs. Cowboys
47:30 Remembering Sean Taylor
55:15 Superlatives


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