Kurt Warner Ranks Trevor Lawrence #1 QB in 2021 NFL Draft – Game Tape Breakdown

The 2021 NFL Draft number one quarterback on my board (and most people’s boards) is Trevor Lawrence. When looking at players coming out in the draft, we’re always trying to evaluate who is the most complete and who has the most tools in their toolbox that will translate to the national football league. In my opinion, Trevor Lawrence is unquestionably the most complete of the top 5 QBs in this year’s draft. With the body of work that he has…the ability that he has physically, to play the position in so many different ways, to me makes it easy to put him number one on the board.

So many things to like about Trevor Lawrence…the combination of physicality the ability to make all kinds of big time throws with velocity, up and over the top, to understand that doesn’t have to throw things 100 miles an hour, but when he needs to heat it up, he’s got the ability to do that. His recognition…his processing quickly within a play. What he sees before the snap and then what he sees after the snap to make the right decision…timing, anticipation, so many things to like about Trevor Lawrence and that was him more playing within the pocket…being able to see and read things. As we get into part two, we will look at a little more of his athleticism and how he plays the quarterback position as more of an athlete when he needs to, just as well as he can play in the pocket. #TrevorLawrence #2021NFLDraft #KurtWarner