Can I win & add Mike Trout to our NO MONEY SPENT team?! | MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty

Welcome to a special episode of our No Money Spent series held here on the XBOX Series S. In this one we're jumping into a 9 win Battle Royale run in MLB The Show 21. And our 12 game reward is Mike Trout. If we win these next 3 games, then Mike Trout joins our No Money Spent team in MLB The Show 21. Mike Trout is the best & most expensive live series card in Diamond Dynasty. So there is a lot riding on this Battle Royale run. Not only would it make our team better but it would give our no money spent team options. Do you think we can find a way to win these last 3 games? Will Mike Trout grace our team when it's all said and done? Tune in to find out.

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