Visiting Vegas | Is Allegiant Stadium better than SoFi?

This stadium is pretty awesome and I was quite impressed at first driving by it on the 15 interstate. I came back to Las Vegas a few days later to spend a little time walking around. I love that you can see the field tray that houses the playing field which is retractable and slides into the stadium for game days. Seeing the stadium you immediately know who plays there. At SoFi Stadium it is more of an all purpose stadium for mixed use. I like seeing the Las Vegas Raiders brand around the stadium. It is a very clean looking venue almost like it was just built (It is under a 1 year old). The glass paneling is gorgeous and tinted. I definitely want come back at some stage to see a game played there. It is much easier parking wise and accessible for anybody in the public to walk around to see. SoFi Stadium is quite difficult as the parking is still off limits on the most part and you cannot walk nearly close enough to it like you can in Las Vegas. I didn't have a lot of time to check it out but I certainly enjoyed it.

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