Winnipeg Jets vs. Ottawa Senators preview, Canucks COVID update, The Masters Preview

Episode 20 of Winnipeg Sports Talk Daily with Andrew "Hustler" Paterson and Michael Remis. They discuss the Winnipeg Jets shootout loss on Friday, and preview the evening's game vs. the Ottawa Senators. Other topics include: the current COVID situation involving the Vancouver Canucks and a preview of The Masters. Guests: Matt Sekeres of Sekeres & Price, Reid Fowler of DraftKings and Ian Mendes of The Athletic. Originally streamed April 5, 2021.

Countdown (0:00)
Intro, Jets preview, state of the North Division (0:40)
Matt Sekeres on his new venture & Vancouver Canucks (15:55)
Reid Fowler previews The Masters (30:55)
Ian Mendes on the Ottawa Senators, sports media in Canada (53:00)
Weekend Wrap Up (1:20:10)

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