NEW LTD 99 Overall Alvin Kamara is the Best RB in Madden 21 Ultimate Team!

EA sports dropped 2 new LTDs in Madden 21 Ultimate Team, and one of those was RB Alvin Kamara. His base LTD card is 98 overall, but when you Power Alvin Kamara up, he has that GOLD 99 Overall. Powering Kamara up cost me over 1,000,000 coins! He was so expensive, but Alvin Kamara officially takes back the reign as the best running back in Madden 21 Ultimate Team. His stats are absolutely nuts, and he is so good at running routes. If you have the coins, I would highly recommend picking up the new LTD Alvin Kamara! He is here to stay on my squad.

Also - S/O to my editor CtrlDub, he is the GOAT.

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