Did The Miami Dolphins Ruin The Carolina Panthers Draft Plan ?

Deshaun Watson led the Houston Texans to the playoffs this season. Eric Christian Smith AP
What about Deshaun Watson?

Getzenberg: As The Observer has been reporting for months, the Panthers have been extremely interested in the possibility of Deshaun Watson, although it would require giving up a significant amount. Everything surrounding a potential trade for Watson is on pause with 16 civil lawsuits currently filed against the Texans quarterback. It’s likely the situation will not be resolved before the NFL draft next month, which will leave all the teams interested with a choice to either wait it out, or move on.

Alexander: And I think the Panthers should move on. The allegations are troubling, and it doesn’t seem like a chance worth taking.

What’s next and what should the Panthers do?

Alexander: If I’m the Panthers, I think you try to be patient. I think you try to talk to the Falcons closer to the draft to gauge how much trading up would cost them. And if it’s similar to the Dolphins-49ers deal, then you pass on it.

I think you see what’s probably going to be available at No. 8, and if tight end Kyle Pitts, Lance or offensive tackle Rayshawn Slater is still there, then I think you grab one of them.

If they are not, then I think you trade back with another team and acquire additional assets. I don’t think you force things.

Getzenberg: There’s a certain quarterback with the last name of Bridgewater still on the Panthers roster. Is he the long-term answer? No, but that was also the case a year ago. Watson’s current situation has halted things and the Panthers are still many pieces away from being a complete team. Continuing to build around Bridgewater, with an improved offense in 2021, is not a bad scenario.

If the Panthers want to consider making a big move, it needs to be made sooner than later. The draft landscape is already shifting quickly.