KJ Hamler is Ready to Hit Turbo in Year 2 | Penn State Star WR Talks Broncos on Take Ten Podcast

Former Penn State star and Denver Broncos WR KJ Hamler joined the show to talk about what he's learned in a year post-Penn State, his 'Welcome to the NFL' moments, his favorite cartoons growing up and more.

Then, Big Ten Network Manager of Research Harold Shelton joined to analyze why eight of nine Big Ten teams in the NCAA tournament missed the Sweet 16, Michigan's chances to advance and more.

Take Ten Podcast Presented by Northwestern University's School of Professional Studies.

0:00 Intro
1:41 KJ updates us on his first NFL offseason
3:00 On his Welcome to the NFL moment
4:20 On hitting his stride in Year 2
7:10 On being the fastest player on a field
8:45 On playing defensive back
12:07 On Penn State players staying close as alumni
14:00 On going to the same high school as Allen Robinson
15:35 On his favorite Penn State plays
18:10 On his various nicknames
19:35 On favorite childhood TV shows
22:13 On getting his mom a puppy
26:00 On John Elway’s arm
26:20 On food favorites
27:30 On Trace McSorley as a TikTok star
29:18 Intro to Harold Shelton
30:30 Harold reflects on KJ Hamler’s career
34:45 On the Big Ten’s March Madness struggles
45:35 On Michigan’s chances to make the Final Four
51:50 On other spring sports content

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