The Denver Nuggets are creating the 3-man game with Michael Porter Jr., Nikola Jokic & Jamal Murray

The Denver Nuggets are slowly but surely working Michael Porter Jr. into more and more action in the half court. In this video, we take a look at 3 plays that the Nuggets are running that utilize MPJ, Nikola Jokic, and Jamal Murray as well as the impact Porter has on the defense when he spaces on the wing and in the corner. We also look at similar plays from the Denver Nuggets playbook last season that will likely make their way into the playbook soon.

1:00 - Spacing on the wing
2:50 - Spacing in the corner
4:22 - Dribble Handoffs
6:20 - Delay Screen the Screener
7:34 - Hawk Rip
8:20 - AI Elbow Rip
8:55 - Horns Rip DHO



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