NBA Live Stream: Brooklyn Nets Vs Indiana Pacers (Live Reactions & Play By Play)

If you see my video, this is a REACTION channel with MY play by play, NO TV SHOWN!

Details of this video

0:00 Pre Game
23:38 1st Quarter
55:13 2nd Quarter
1:26:14 Halftime
1:41:58 3rd Quarter
2:11:30 4th Quarter
2:49:22 Post Game

MODS: Here is the command list
!nuggie !bigsimpin !twitter !insta !baduka !underwear !fury !rocha !goat !hth !islesgirl !notv !jb !jbdiscord !tophours !jr

As for my streams read below:

1. NO TV will be shown during this stream, ask and you all will be told NO! Repeated requests will be timed out no questions asked!

2. Want to be a troll? that's cool do it! but don't expect much, actually a nice time out will occur with possibly being hidden after!

3. Be civil with each other, friendly chirping is acceptable as long it's not personal attacks.

4. lastly have fun!

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