SEC Football Week 7 Picks | College Football Week 10 | Florida Gators vs Georgia Bulldogs

Welcome tot he Touchdowns To Home Runs SEC Football Picks show. We are in Week 7 already of SEC Football and College Football Week 10. It's crazy how fast this seasons gone by but it's been a good season of College and SEC Football. Starting off with our first game of the weekend and one of the biggest games in the whole College Football 2020 season we have Georgia vs Florida. The Florida Gators have suffered one loss this year to the Texas A&M Aggies and the Georgia Bulldogs have suffered a loss to the Alabama Crimson Tide leaving minimal room for error for the rest of the year. In my opinion this game decides the SEC East no questions about it. It's been a while of waiting for Florida to have "their year" and many believe that this year is the year for Florida to make a run to the College Football Playoff. They haven't beat Georgia in a while and many believe they can this year. Will this be the year the Florida Gators will finally come out of Jacksonville, Florida with a win and finally make it back to Atlanta for the SEC Championship? I can tell you that the Georgia Bulldogs have other plans in mind. Georgia has made the SEC Championship 3 years in a row and doesn't plan on stopping now. They haven't been back to the College Football Playoff since 2018 in the heartbreaking loss to Alabama in the national championship. If the Georgia Bulldogs lose this game their streak of going to the SEC Championship will be over. Next up we have a weak matchup between Vanderbilt Commodores vs Mississippi State Bulldogs. Two of the weaker teams in the SEC but it should be an interesting matchup. Next we have Texas A&M Aggies vs South Carolina Gamecocks. The Gamecocks lost to LSU before their bye week and Texas A&M has been on a pretty good win streak of late and it should be an interesting game considering South Carolina is at home. Last we have a very interesting matchup between the Tennessee Volunteers and Arkansas Razorbacks. Arkansas has been playing really good football lately and Tennessee not so much. So it will be interesting to see who comes out as the better team here and wins the game. Thanks for watching, like, comment and SUBSCRIBE!

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SEC Football Week 7 / College Football Week 10:
Florida Gators vs Georgia Bulldogs
Vanderbilt Commodores vs Mississippi State Bulldogs
Texas A&M Aggies vs South Carolina Gamecocks
Tennessee Volunteers vs Arkansas Razorbacks